Removalists Sydney FAQs

Can I help with the removal process?

Yes. You can be as involved in the removals process as you like. Whether you need help from start to finish, or with just one step of the removals process, we are here to help. We have a team of experienced removalists who are happy to help with the parts of the process you can’t handle, or don’t have time for. This includes packing your belongings, dismantling furniture, transportation of goods, and/or reassembly of furniture. Elite Removalists Sydney are the best in providing removal services in Sydney Suburbs.

If I don’t have time to pack, can you pack for me?

Absolutely. We encourage you to be present on the day of the move, but to save you the time and effort associated with moving, we are able to pack up your belongings for you. Our removalists have experience packing, and we offer great packaging and storing solutions.

I have a few valuable/fragile items-will these be looked after?

Yes. Our team of removalists are very professional and can promise that no matter what the item, it will be respected and cared for accordingly. Our removals team have experience with managing items that are either awkward, bulky, fragile, or valuable.

Do we pay for the whole removal truck if it is not needed?

As an Elite Removals customer you are paying for the tools and effort used to transport your items. However, we have a variety of trucks to accommodate every size move.

How do I transport my pets?

Elite suggests leaving the hard yards to us -everything from packing, dismantling, and reassembling- so that you are free to move your family and pets, without a hassle. Visit our page on moving with pets for more information

Do you dismantle furniture?

Yes. People often find dismantling furniture one of the most exhausting aspects of the removals process. Without experience you may damage furniture, or worse -throw out your back! Our experienced removalists are happy to handle this part ofthe removal for you, and can even lend a hand with reassembling everything in your new location. Call us today.