Tips For Moving With Pets

When you think about moving house it can get you in a panic. You think about all the packing, dismantling, frustration, stress and exhaustion. Unfortunately, moving house can be just as stressful and traumatic for your pets as it feels for you. Let Elite Removals take the agony out of relocating with your dear pets, by helping and suggesting you best tips for moving with pets. We give you the help you need, to be able to focus all your energy on what matters the most  – moving the family, and settling the pets!

Our step by step guide to moving with pets:

  1. Uphold your regular routine- keep normal mealtimes and walks to ease your pets into the new home.
  2. Explore your new surroundings before your pets – make sure your new accommodation is fitting for your feline and canine friends.
  3. Safety check – safety comes first for your furry friends, so ensure the parameters of your new property are entirely enclosed, and properly fenced to host your animals. If your animals escape they can become very confused and may not find their way back to the new home.
  4. Get familiar – help your pets settle in by making their new surroundings familiar. You can do this by using their old beds, and taking old toys to the new house. This also helps them recognise their own scent in the new location.
  5. Update pet information – ensure pets have up to date microchips and ID tags, in case they do get lost.
  6. Check in with a local vet – give them the medical records and history of your pets, and have them warn you about dangers to your pet in the local area (prevalent diseases, or wildlife may pose a threat). Your current vet may even be able to recommend someone.

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